Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Planner Printable

Hi friends!

So we've been working through attitudes this week, both the kids and I! We always have a problem with the transition from summer to school. I am beginning to wonder if year round schooling might be the better option for our family!

I have been searching this summer for just the right planner to meet our specific needs, one that has an area to glance at the extracurricular activities and plans as well as space for each child and subject while still being customization. So as necessity arose I decided to goof around on excel to make my own.

After working through various planners I have come up with a great solution for those of that want a planner that is geared towards managing just the school day portion of the day. It has space for AM and PM activities so you know whats coming up at a glance and can plan your scheduling around the activities. It has ample spaces for separating subjects, and even a spot for listing any weekend activities or notes for the week.

So here it is!


*Feel free to use this planner for personal use, any replication for any other use is expressly prohibited.  Please share the link to the blog page and not to the file when sharing.

Thank you!

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